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Konstantin S. KHROUTSKI

·  On Biocosmology, Aristotelism and the prospects of becoming of the universal science and philosophy

·  Triadic Biocosmological approach in modern science and philosophy 

·  From the three-dimensional reality in the integral sociology of Pitirim A. Sorokin – to the construction of the triune universalizing (Bio)cosmological approach

·  Forming an Evolutionary Vector to the Aristotelian Pole of Scientific Organicism (Biocosmology)

·  Rehabilitating Pitirim Sorokin’s grand Triadologic concept: A Biocosmological approach

·  From Aristotle’s wisdom to the contemporary Integralist wisdom – 2400 years later (Review of Andrew Targowski’s “Harnessingthe Power of Wisdom: From Data to Wisdom”)

·  Towards the theory of health in contemporary medicine (Review of Karl W. Kratky’s “Complementary Medicine Systems: Comparison and Integration”)

• In defense of Aristotle’s Biocosmology as the comprehensive supersystem of knowledge: Eight critical comments on the article of M. Benetatou

·  Aristotle’s Biocosmology – teleological Functionalist naturalism – as the Type of rationality

·  Reinstating Aristotle’s comprehensive OrganonKosmology and the genuine language of his Organicist naturalism archetype

·  Challenging integralism, Aristotelian entelecheia, hyle and morphe (form), and contemporary concepts of information, touching upon the aetiological issues of carcinogenesis

·  Biocosmological definition of Information and its Naturalist causative significance, approaching to evolve the World Information University (WIU) 

·  A comparative study of Biocosmology and the philosophy of scientific practice 

·  Information equation E=IMC2 of cosmic beings – 20 questions to professor Rudolf Klimek: the president, World Information University; in the style of Socratic dialogue